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Platypus Consult is a "Boutique Agency" specialised in Sports and Business. We are a dedicated consultant and coaching agency representing a limited amount of clients.

We offer a highly personalised service, with a focus on quality and a hands-on approach.

The staff of Platypus Consult is highly qualified in the field of both sports and business. 
The organisation offers its clients an extensive network and has international connections with a broad range of players in the field of professional sports.

Platypus Consult is part of a network of other Boutique Agencies, which enables it to join forces for specific clients or projects. Our approach is tailor-made and goal-driven.

Who is Platypus

Donald Drost - Director

Former top-hockey player. Started at a young age with an active career in the world of professional field hockey, both as player and at a later age as coach of some of the top-ranking teams in The Netherlands. Worked for almost two decades at Nationale-Nederlanden /ING Group (one of the leading Dutch financial companies) as internal consultant for all its global business units. Responsible for cases and projects in the area of sports and business. Owner of "Platypus Consult" (founded in 2009).

Platypus Consult Owner

"Being an entrepreneur active on the cutting edge of business and sports, I still benefit from my past experiences and lessons learned in the world of professional sports. I know how it feels to win or lose, to pursue my goals without giving up, to motivate myself and others, and to handle disappointment, changes and acceptance. These valuable experiences and qualities enable me to support and coach my clients (businesses, sports clubs, individual managers and athletes). By setting clear goals,to reflect what is already accomplished, we develop strategies, we focus on results, we build confidence or stimulate (personal) growth. It is my passion to help my clients to achieve their goals, to develop their talents and personal skills, and as a result become more successful."

Why Platypus

The Platypus is a unique and remarkable egg-laying mammal. The Platypus has the appearance of a duck, beaver and otter and it has evolved and adapted to its environment.

Platypus Consult offers a flexible approach in a strongly changing international business environments.

Like the Platypus, we convince you with our presence, diversity and adaptability.



Previous and current projects of Platypus Consult are:

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